Abu Simbel to Aswan Cruise 04 days

3 Nights / 4 Days
  • Luxor
  • Cairo
  • Sharm El Sheik
    Sharm El Sheik
  • Aswan
  • Kom Ombo
    Kom Ombo

Day- 1
Embarkation before lunch. 
Visit the Abu Simbel Temples ( The Temples of Ramses II and his wife Queen Nefertari) Dinner on board. 
Enjoy a nubian dance show on board at our Nefertiti theatre. 
Overnight on board the ship in Aswan.

Day -2 
Breakfast on Board. 
Sailing to Kasr Ibrim visit Kasr Ibrim, Explanation is done from the ship as entrance is not permitted, Lunch on board ,Sailing to Amada ,Visit the Temple of Amada. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon while ship proceed ,Sailing to Wadi el Sebua. Dinner&Galabya party, Overnight on board the ship.

Day -3 
Breakfast on board. 
Morning visit to Wadi El Sebua and Dakka. 
Lunch on board. 
Enjoy a candlelight dinner at our nefertiti theatre while sailing to Aswan. 
Overnight on board the ship.

Day -4 
Breakfast on board. 
Disembarkation from the Ship. 
Visit The Kalabsha Temple. 
Visit The Hemi Speos of Beit El Wali


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