Terms of Personel Data Protection and Use

The objective of this policy is to protect personal data of MAGNIFICENT TRAVEL within the scope of Personal Data Protection Act(PDPA) published in the Official Gazette of April 7, 2016 No. 29677 and General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) of 25 May, 2018 being valid both within the EU and outside the EU borders. Our policy, as specified, is accordant with current national and international legislation.

With the aim of fulfilling contractual obligations in regard to the services we provide for our customers, we, as MAGNIFICENT TRAVEL, collect your personal data to serve you faster and with higher quality and process this data when required.  When necessary, your personal data can be shared with our business partners and suppliers, on condition of taking all necessary precautions and sharing only required quantity to run the business and perform the operations.

Our company is aware of the responsibilities towards personal data protection which is issued primarily as a constitutional right and finds an expression in the miscellaneous laws, and securing constitutionally. As required by this awareness, we pay attention to use your personal data commended to us by you safely and pursuant to its purpose.  

These terms of use designate the rules of processing and protection all personal data managed by MAGNIFICENT TRAVEL.  Along with the fact that this data may be the data provided by you during the relevant operation or the application, it is the data which is created during the performance of operation even if the data collected from third parties like your employer, payment supplier who transmit your data to us isn’t represented clearly to us.

First of all, we want to explain that your personal data shared by you within the specified scope is transmitted to us with your explicit and provable confirmation. Any data belonging to someone can’t be collected from us and shared.

Apart from that, the explanations of the following questions and informing about processing and using this data are within the scope;

·         Which data is gathered?

·         Why is it gathered?

·         How is it gathered?

·         To what purpose and under what conditions do we share data and what are the exceptions of sharing without your consent?

·         How do you get access to your information?

·         How do you establish control of your information?

·         Do you have a right to be forgotten?

·         What are the precautions against processing illegal?


1.       Which personal data do we collect? We do not collect ‘’Special Quality Personal Data’’ from you. Only to serve you, your name, last name and contact information (phone number, e-mail address and your location) is collected with your consent.

2.       Why do we collect this information? We collect this information with the aim of providing our services and informing you about our services. 

3.       How do we collect it? When you fill up contact form and career form and sign up to MAGNIFICENT TRAVEL’s bulletin, in case of asking questions to us, as well as raffling or joining to questionnaires and visiting our website, your personal data can be collected. 

4.       To what purpose and under what conditions do we share it? MAGNIFICENT TRAVEL processes the data obligatory to fulfill contractual obligations and/or within the scope of PDPA and GPDR and for the rights to be used. As required by 5/2 article of PDPA, the processing data can be shared in case of existence of the following exceptions. These exceptions are not tributary to the consent of data subject:

a) Clearly envisaged in the laws.

b) Obligation of the person who is in the position of not being able to give his/her consent due to actual impossibility or whose consent isn’t validated juristically to protect his/her own or another person’s life or body integrity.

c) Necessity of processing of personal data belonging to contracting parties on condition of being related directly to a contract establishment or performance.

d) Obligation of data controller for being able to meeting his/her legal obligation.

e) Being made the relevant person public by him/herself.

f) Obligation of data processing for establishment, use or protection of a right.

g) Obligation of data processing for legitimate interests of data controller on condition of not harming fundamental rights and freedoms of relevant person.

Because there is no necessity for the explicit consent of the data subject to be able to process data in such cases, as the data subject, you don’t have the right to destroy the relevant data until the relevant reason of exception lose its validity.  You can request to destroy your processed data in case of the fact that above mentioned cases don’t exist or although they exist before, they disappear now, for an instance, in case of ending the service that you have benefited and disappearing the case which requires processing of data by law. You can apply for MAGNIFICENT TRAVEL for this request. Our e-mail address:

5.       How do you reach your information? As the relevant law has determined as fundamental principles, the fundamental principle of MAGNIFICENT TRAVEL regarding this issue is to process required data as long as required, as well as preparing a substructure allowing only required people to access and taking all necessary precautions for the data protection. The precautions taken against this issue and operations are notified to the registry of data controllers as required by legislation and registry is open to the general public. It is possible to access it on www.kvkk.gov.tr .

6.       To what purpose and under what conditions do we share and what are the exceptions of sharing without your consent?  The following answers have been referred to in article 11 of PDPA:

ARTICLE 11- (1) Everyone, by consulting data controller, has the rights for himself/herself;

a) To be informed of whether personal data is processed or not,

b) If their personal data is processed, to request information related to it,

c) To be informed of the purpose of processing personal data and whether it is used pursuant to the purpose or not,

d) To be informed of third parties to whom data is transmitted in the domestic area or abroad,

e) In case of missing or misprocessed personal data, to request to be corrected them,

7.       Whether you have a right to request data erasure? While we are continuing serving you, you can request to data erasure by applying for designated communication channels whenever you want.

8.       What are the precautions against processing unlawfully? As the data controller, our company is responsible for the data protection and storage. As required by PDPA, information of data controller, representative and contact person is as follows:

Representative: Nihat YOLAGELDİ
Contact person: support@magnificenttravel.com  

In case of incompatibility between PDPA, other relevant legislation provisions and this policy, firstly relevant provisions of PDPA and GDPR will be carried out. This Terms of Personal Data Protection and Use has been prepared by MAGNIFICENT TRAVEL management.

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